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screenshot of Midi Healthcare website
screenshot of Boost Bowls website
screenshot of Impacked Packaging website

One-time or ongoing service

Site maintenance for fast growing orgs

I bring the power of an in-house developer without the cost + downtime. The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
Submit tasks via your custom dashboard, it's as easy as adding something to a to-do list.
I'll finish the task and send it back for your approval within 48 hours.
You'll approve the task and I'll publish the changes to the live site!
A screen shot of a Figma fileA screen shot of the Webflow designer depicting a website build in progress.

Figma to Webflow

Expert development to turn your design files into a performant, SEO optimized website that will scale with your business.
CMS, custom code, and third-party integrations so your website is a power-tool for your business
Efficient dev and thorough QA mean you can focus on other business needs
Simple, transparent pricing means you can be confident in your investment.


We will meet so that I can understand exactly how this project impacts your business's goals to ensure you are getting the best development strategy for your needs.

Obtain all necessary assets and begin development

Your team delivers all assets, design files, accounts, and anything else we need for development.


I'll work head-down to get our determined scope of work completed, and run it through my own quality assurance.

Comprehensive QA

I hand off the work to your team to be QA'd. You can leave feedback directly on the site for me to address.

Feedback Implimentation

I'll work to implement the feedback and make sure everything is ready for launch.


I help you set up a Webflow account, make the site transfer, and then take care of making the site live!

The knowledge you need

Marketing tool integrations
Custom code
Content updates
Landing page builds
UTM param implementation
Site speed audit & fixes
Technical SEO audit & fixes
Asset optimization
Class strategy audit
Implication consulting
CMS updates
DevOps & site planning
Rigorous QA process
Scalable strategies

We've had the great pleasure of working with Zeb for the past 6 months on our Webflow website. I truly feel like we struck gold with him! He's super organized, communicative, and a whiz with the Webflow platform. We've even thrown a few curveballs his way –– from custom animations to custom code for event tracking –– and even if it's not perfectly in his wheelhouse, he's been game to learn (being super transparent & communicative along the way), and he's delivered great results. After working with a number of Webflow developers that left us wanting for more, we are keeping Zeb on speed dial for all of our future projects.

Headshot of Rachel Buck, head of UX research at Midi healthcare
Rachel Buck
UX Research & Design

Recent work

Producing in-house results, for a fraction of the cost
screenshot of Midi Healthcare website

Midi Healthcare

A series A start-up that specializes in mid-life tele-healthcare for women. Midi updates their website regularly to convey new services as they rapidly scale their offerings & services for patients.

Resolve Medical

A start-up working to reduce the burden of medical expenses for Americans. Resolve  integrates analytics on their site so that they can make informed decisions as they iterate.
screenshot of Boost Bowls website

Boost Bowls

A franchise that brings fresh & healthy options to people on the East Coast, USA. They needed a landing page that conveyed important info to aspiring franchise owners
screenshot of Impacked Packaging website

Impacked Packaging

A leader in the sustainable packaging industry, Impacked needed a blog to boost SEO and showcase the impactful sustainability and eco projects they are working on.
Your site is next!

A top-notch Webflow site built to scale

The reliable Webflow development partner you've been searching for to help you grow your online presence could be a consultation call away.

Plans, just for you

Only pay for what you need, without any downtime.


Save up tasks and get them done quickly. Plan, execute, and grow!
Billed one time.
We will plan your tasks to optimize time and execution
Includes anything we can finish in time frame (including landing pages!)
Custom dashboard to manage tasks


Most popular!
Ideal for teams continually updating and optimizing their site.
Billed monthly.
Unlimited number of requests addressed one-by-one
Class structure audit
Performance audit
Custom dashboard to manage tasks

Webflow development

Turn your design files into an exceptional experience on the web!
$1750 + $450/pg
Billed one time.
Expert development using the best framework for your team
Custom code & third party integrations
Always responsive
SEO optimized and performant pages
Putting the "Zeb" in "webzeb"

Your trustworthy development partner

My passion is helping serve people who are doing good work. I have over 4 years of experience building in Webflow. I've worked with start-ups backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia. I have experience working with remote teams at agencies like 8020, Virago, and Tempo Digital.
A head shot of web zeb found Zebediah Miller.
Zebediah Miller
Webflow Professional Partner
4+ years of experience making things happen in Webflow

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about working with web.zeb. Don't see an answer you need? Let's have a quick chat!
Webflow is supposed to make it so anyone can build a website, why would I not just build my site on my own?
While it's true that Webflow makes building websites more accessible to more people, in order to have a technically sound website that is truly scalable, performant, and accessible you need to have an understanding of web concepts like HTML, CSS, and even Javascript in some cases. Plus, having a development partner means that you can focus on aspects of business that can't easily be delegated, like long term planning and managing growth.
How do the flat fee management packages work?
Simple, you sign up for the subscription that works best for you. You'll be onboarded into your own, custom dashboard within 24 hours. You can immediately begin submitting tasks and they will be taken care of, one by one, and pushed live with your approval. There is no limit to the number of tasks you can submit, and you can change task priority at any time.
How do I request updates during management?
I keep this fairly flexible in order to help serve you best. You can submit a task in whatever format you like as long as it (a) gives the information necessary to complete the task and (b) can be tracked in Puzzl. Some common ways clients submit tasks are by recording a loom video and linking to it in the Puzzl task, linking to a Google doc, or Figma file.
Are there refunds?
There are no refunds for subscriptions due to the bespoke and high quality nature of the work.
What if I don’t have many requests?
That's where the weekly sprint comes in. If you only have a few requests, save them up and let's crank them out in a single week! You can always pause any plan until you need more work done.

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